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Buy a rodent cage – what should be considered?

The rodent cage is the most important utensil for keeping a rodent. Of course, if you’re thinking about getting a pet, you’ll need to provide a suitable shelter for your rodent. Whether it is a hamster, a guinea pig, a rabbit, a mouse, a rat or any other rodent, they all need a sufficiently large rodent cage with the right accessories.

Of course there are some things to keep in mind when purchasing the right small animal cage, because as a buyer you are quickly overwhelmed by the huge supply of different cages and do not know which cage is best suited for your own needs.




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118,99 € 134,99 €

inkl. 19% gesetzlicher MwSt.
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Rodent cage – Choose the right size

RodentThe most important thing to buy is the size of the rodent cage. It is said that one should rather buy a cage that is too big or too small. It is very important that the animals have enough freewheel to be able to rave properly. But even with 3-4 hours freewheel a day you should always keep in mind that the animals still have to spend a good 20 hours in their cage. Therefore, he must never be too small to prevent any scuffles among the animals. Of course, it always depends on how many animals you want to keep in a small animal cage.

If one already knows beforehand which and how many small animals will soon house the cage, the „bill“ is quite easy.


Rodent cage – calculation of the size of the small animal cage

To calculate the size of the rodent cage, you can use the following guidelines.

Important: These are only guidelines

  • The guide value for rabbits is min. 2 m² per animal
  • The guinea pig guideline is  1 m² per animal
  • The guideline for chinchillas  is min. 0.3 m² per animal
  • The benchmark for hamsters such as. Golden Hamster is at  min. 1 m² per animal 
  • The guideline for  mice such as. Gerbils and pocket mice is min. 0.5 m² per animal
  • The guideline for rats is at least  1 m² per animal.

If you prefer to add a , you can always be sure to give your pets enough space to play and run around.


Rodent cage – Choose the right material for the pet cage

Wooden rodent cage

Many rodent cages are made of wood. The wooden rodent cages usually have the advantage that they look very classy. In addition, her rodent will feel very comfortable in a wooden cage, because of the material you are very close to nature. The wood is always natural and unpainted wood so that it does not contain any toxic substances. So your darling can sometimes gnaw on it without taking up toxic or contaminated substances. Our experience has shown that rodents like to gnaw on their cage and with a rodent cageMade of wood, you do not have to worry about your pet consuming toxic substances. However, with a wooden cage, make sure that the floor has a special insert that is easy to clean. Because wood absorbs liquids and odors quickly and can therefore be cleaned quite difficult.

Rodent cage made of plastic

Plastic rodent cages have the advantage that they are very easy to clean. In addition, they are very easy to transport. Cages made of plastic usually have grids and there it is very important that there is enough grid spacing. This is especially important in small animals such as hamsters or mice, so they do not strangle or run away. In a plastic rodent cage, however, it is important to check every few months for possible damage. After all, plastic can become porous after several years. Once damaged, small parts can get into the cage, which can be picked up by your rodent. Of course, this can very quickly become very dangerous for your pet and should be avoided at all costs. 

Terrariums / aquariums made of glass

Another alternative to keep his rodents is a terrarium or aquarium. This has several advantages. On the one hand, you can of course spread the litter very high and thus have less problems with the smell of the animal. Of course, you can watch her small animal perfectly. Furthermore, you have no problems here because of the grid spacing. Therefore, a terrarium is very popular especially for small animals such as hamsters or mice.

In a terrarium, however, it is very important to ensure that there is enough air circulation. You should therefore always make sure that air holes are present and it is not completed airtight under any circumstances.

If you keep your pet in an aquarium, you should never put a lid on the aquarium, as otherwise the animal could suffocate (usually no air holes in the aquarium). 

Rodent cage – The basic equipment

In addition to the rodent cage or small animal cage, of course, a certain basic equipment for the animal is needed.

These include:


Litter is very close to nature and dampens the odors of the animal. In addition, it is very absorbent, so her darling always sits in the dry. Many rodents like to dig in litter. In rabbits, straw or hay is a good alternative. 


A drinking bottle is of course the alpha and omega in the small animal cage. The animal as well as the human being must be supplied with water. There are two types of drinking bottles on the market. First, there is the bottle, which is attached to the bars of the cage. The other variant is a bowl, which is filled with water. There you can select your personal favorite. 


A hideaway definitely belongs in a well-equipped animal cage. The animal also needs a shelter where it can withdraw from everything. If the cage is outside, the animal can shelter there from the sun.

Buy a rodent cage – 5 tips to make your pets happy

  1. Give your pet a place! They want to zip and move, so they need enough space. Furthermore, you often keep your distance to other animals or need a retreat, neat I only have. That’s why they need a large enclosure.
  2. The right friends! Give your rodent a conspecific so that he has a „play partner“ (except hamsters, because you are a loner). If you do not want offspring to conceive, castrate the little man or keep two animals of the same sex.
  3. A hideaway to retreat . A shelter is important: in nature, rodents hide under crevices and other natural roofs, for example. So it must be able to retire in its enclosure; for example under small wooden bridges, horizontally in the enclosure attached boards or wooden houses.
  4. Create a natural habitat for  your rodent to make you feel at home. Use straw or bedding and natural accessories.
  5. Your rodent needs a run! Give your pet an outlet from its rodent cage. You can do this in the form of a run-out enclosure (especially recommended for rabbits / rabbits), or in a simple form in a locked room. Keep in mind that other animals, such as cats, do not come in contact with the rodents.

Which rodent cage for the guinea pig?

Guinea pig in the cageSince the guinea pigs are among the group animals, you should never keep them alone. It is best to keep them in a group of between two and four animals. It should be noted, however, that although females usually understand very well, males may have more problems. Therefore, female guinea pigs are better suited for beginners.

Of course, if you decide to neuter a male, you can easily keep males and females together.

However, the small rodents cages that are often offered at the pet store are far too small for the attitude of one or more guinea pigs. If the cage of her guinea pig is too small, that can make her animal aggressive and sick. Therefore you should always provide enough space for your guinea pigs.

Per guinea pig you should plan at least 0.5 m², better still 1 m² of space . Especially male guinea pigs need at least 1 m² of space to be able to avoid each other and retreat. Fortunately, there are now cages in large sizes in the well-stocked pet store, which are also sufficient for several animals.

If you want to keep several guinea pigs together, you can also opt for a multi-storey rodent cage. In it have several animals then definitely enough space.

For guinea pigs, plastic rodent cages are very suitable because they are very easy and quick to clean. A good decision here are also cages with bars, because here the air can circulate very well. Ammonia is excreted in the guinea pig’s urine. It is a gas that can be very harmful and dangerous to the lungs of the animal. For this reason, one should always opt for a cage in which the air can easily escape and circulate.

The correct location of guinea pig cage

It is best to raise the guinea pig cage a bit higher. As a result, the human does not seem so huge to the guinea pig, and some keepers are of the opinion that they will become tame faster. Otherwise you should make sure as with any rodent that the rodent cage never in drafts, but never directly in front of the heater.

The equipment of guinea pig cage

Of course, the rodent cage should be perfectly equipped for their guinea pigs. For example, each guinea pig needs its own shelter or house to retire. Also pasture bridges or cork caves are perfect accessories for your guinea pig cage, because they are very much used for hiding or nibbling. Furthermore, of course, in every rodent cage a feeding bowl, a water bottle or a bowl for the water.

Which rodent cage for the hamster?

Hamster in the cageAlso for the attitude of a hamster you need a suitable rodent cage. Hamsters are flight animals, which should definitely be kept alone . Since they are nocturnal, you should not have the rodent cage in the bedroom, but in a room where you do not sleep.

Like any rodent, the hamster has needs that must be satisfied in any case. So it must be ensured that he can sleep in peace, but also climb, run, eat and clean himself. Special hamster accessories are suitable for this, through which the hamster is always busy. In addition to a cottage as a retreat you should also offer Klettermöglichkkeiten and a hamster bike.

A hamster needs about 1 m² of space, so usually enough a relatively small cage. The best is a cage from a size of 100x40cm. You always have to keep in mind that also climbing possibilities and dwelling have to find a place in the rodent cage .

But even with the right place for the rodent cage for hamsters there are some things to keep in mind. So a hamster cage should never be directly on the ground, but at least 60 cm in height, so he feels safe. In addition, in the best case, 2 sides of the rodent cage should be closed. So you put the hamster cage right on the wall.

Which rodent cage for the rabbit?

Rabbit in the cageMany rabbit owners are wary of keeping rabbits in cages. Rabbits have a very high space requirement, so of course it is best to keep them in a free-range enclosure. If you want to keep your rabbit in a cage anyway, multistage rodent cages are recommended, because only there is enough space.

For a rabbit you should plan at least 2 m² of space, because of course, rabbits have a larger size due to their size. Rabbits should not be kept alone, therefore, an even larger rodent cage is needed accordingly. If possible, this cage should never be exposed to direct sunlight or drafts. Also next to the loud TV your rabbit should not stand. It’s best to choose a place where your darling can enjoy peace and quiet and is not exposed to constant stress and noise.

In addition to a bottle and a feeding bowl and rabbit toilets for the cage are offered. This has the advantage that your rabbit does his business only in the toilet and usually only there the cage needs to be cleaned daily. Even a hay rack is worth buying, as this is always their rabbit fresh and clean hay available. Like any other rodent, you should of course also provide a rabbit with a retreat in the form of your own little house.

Which rodent cage for the mouse and the rat?

Rat in the cageIn addition to the rodents mentioned so far, naturally mice and rats are also very popular in German households. Not for everyone, the guinea pig is the perfect pet, because there are also more and more lovers for mouse and rat.

Rodent cage for the mouse

As with many other rodents, mice are never to be kept alone. That’s why you should always give them a partner. Normally, we assume a space requirement of 0.5 m² per mouse , but here too, the bigger, the better.

The important thing is that the wires of the mouse cage are very tight, so that the mouse can not escape. Otherwise, also applies to this rodent cage, that a bottle, a bowl and of course a cottage and objects for employment as an impeller, tubes, ropes or ladders should be available.

Rodent cage for the rat

Would you like to keep a rat as a pet, of course, a suitable rodent cage is needed here. Similar to the mouse cage, one should also be careful in rats to choose a cage with a small grid spacing. This is the only way to prevent the escape of your rat. Per rat one assumes a space requirement of  1 m² .

In addition, the bars of the rodent cage should be quite stable, because rats and other rodents like to gnaw on the bars. In addition, the bars should not deform. You can easily test it with two fingers.

Even rats are very happy about a job such as ladders, ropes, tubes or an impeller and of course should also be prepared for them a water bottle and a bowl for food. Incidentally, there are also practical hemp mats for rodent cages that have good suction power and, above all, are often used in wooden rodent cages.

Buy terrarium or rodent cage for the rat?

Of course, both have their advantages and disadvantages. However, rats have to climb and the rodent cage is clearly better suited for this. In a terrarium, the rat has no opportunity to climb and will not feel well there in the long run.

Rodent cage conclusion

If you have read our site thoroughly, you should find it much easier to choose the right rodent cage. Always keep in mind which rodent you want to acquire and how many animals it should be, because of that you should always make the size of the cage dependent. All rodents except for the hamster prefer to live in pairs or even in larger groups and need a quiet and not too sunny place for their rodent cage . It is best not to put the cage in the bedroom because it does not disturb your nocturnal hamster when sleeping, for example.

However, your pet should not necessarily be in a room that could cause him much stress. This includes, for example, the corridor, which is quite often used by humans. In addition, it is often cold there, because there is not or rarely heated.

If you now follow all our tips, you can offer your rodent a beautiful home in which he will feel good for a long time. Always keep in mind that the rodent cage is very important for a long and fulfilling life of your favorite.